Cost Of War – Letter in the Toronto Star

To be frank, our participation in conflicts based on our economic interests in foreign countries has driven our own economy to the brink.

Funding military aspirations costs North American taxpayers billions of dollars per year, compounded by the trillions already spent, multiplied by the billions yet to be spent on withdrawal from those regions. Not to mention the national reputations that have been tarnished, lives that have been destroyed, and the instability that will remain once we are gone.

This has to stop, and until we are willing to elect officials that will stand up to this kind of nonsense and say “No! We will not condone courses of action that will lead us to war,” the cycle will never end.

There will always be conflict in this world while there is inequality, poverty and hatred. We must conquer these firstly, before we can ever even think about making peace.

Douglas Laforme, Toronto


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